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Caffeinated Rambling

Life, Fandoms and Rants.

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Desert Sage
12 October
The facts were these. I am a musician, barista, business owner, tech junkie, movie/tv enthusiast, chai and coffee drinker and much more. I am a sporadic person, I intend to write here as often as I can. It may be a personal journal entry or just about a movie or tv show I've watched. It could be about anything at anytime for no apparent reason.

Owner of Several Communities:
thedailypie - Pushing Daisies Fan Community
gilmoregirls - Gilmore Girls Fan Community
btvs_fans - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fan Community
cumberbatchkids - Benedict Cumberbatch Fan Community
vintage_america - A Journey Through Vintage and Classic America

Several Tumblrs (just for pictures and what not)



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